HERS Rating

The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) is a tool used to measure how energy efficient homes are in comparison to other homes. Essentially, HERS uses an index to score homes on their energy performance against like homes. 

During a HERS analysis, our accredited HERS professionals will review your home’s energy performance, whether it’s a new or existing home. For those building a new home, our team will review the construction plans and complete an on-site inspection to score the home’s efficiency during the building phase. Existing homes similarly will receive an on-site inspection. Then, using software tools, our HERS’ analysts will score your home’s energy performance and identify areas that can increase your home’s efficiency.

When you’re buying or selling an efficient home or making efficiency improvements to an existing home with a high HERS rating you may qualify for an Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM). EEMs allow homeowners to attach the costs of efficiency upgrades to a home’s mortgage with no added costs to monthly mortgage payments. Ultimately, these efficiency investments save you money on your monthly utility bill with no upfront costs. In the long term, these upgrades can increase your home’s potential resale value, making it truly a win/win decision.