Energy Saving Solutions for Business

Approved by Pepco Combined Heat and Power to perform commercial work, Shepherd Energy can help you to cut the cost of energy bills and make your workplace greener. Thanks to our trade ally programs, we can also provide easier access to rebates and financing, reducing the budget needed to implement effective efficiency measures in commercial buildings.

Whether your building is small or large, a factory, warehouse, storage space, office block, institution or public space, we focus on reducing environmental impact operational and maintenance budgets. The types of buildings and organizations we work with include;

Our Commercial Energy Services

Our commercial energy services are designed specifically to pinpoint problem areas and identify cost-saving measures, install more energy efficient equipment and identify opportunities to improve the building’s environmental impact and comfort levels. This makes the space greener, warmer and more comfortable for users.

Commercial Energy Audits: The first step in reducing utility bills and making a building more efficient, all Shepherd Energy commercial energy audits are carried out by a certified Auditor. A commercial assessment will identify where higher amounts of energy consumption are centered and how efficient heating and ventilation systems are. 

Retrofitting or Weatherization: Commercial retrofitting can include the tuning or replacement of entire systems from heating, ventilation, and air conditioning through to lighting fixtures and controls. Shepherd Energy’s commercial weatherization service delivers energy savings of around 5-15%. In addition, the US Department of Energy estimates that for every $1 invested in weatherization, around $2.51 in benefits is generated, including savings of $1.80 on energy bills.

The benefits of conducting energy-efficient upgrades are numerous. In addition to the reduction in energy and water costs, employee and customer comfort is often increased as building’s become more energy efficient. An enhancement in light and air quality contributes to this enjoyment. Energy saving changes have longer term impacts too with a reduction in maintenance costs and an extended equipment lift coupled with the knowledge that your organization is actively contributing to a more sustainable future.

Energy Saving Incentives

Incentives available via Shepherd Energy and Pepco include Energy Saving Program rebates and cash towards the installation cost of more energy efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Qualifying energy efficient improvements available via Pepco include;

  • Lighting Fixtures & Controls
  • Variable Frequency Motor Drives
  • Chillers
  • HVAC Tune-up
  • Packaged HVAC Units
  • Commercial Water Heating
  • Commercial Kitchen Equipment
  • Commercial Refrigeration
  • Specialized Controls

Working in conjunction with the EmPOWER Maryland scheme, we can also help your business to access monetary incentives for carrying out works that meet EmPOWER Maryland energy saving goals. These include;

  • Retrofitting existing inefficient equipment
  • New construction
  • Major renovation or remodeling
  • New equipment purchases
  • End-of-life equipment replacements

If you’d like to learn more about our full range of commercial energy services and to discuss the benefits, please contact us.